Reclaiming Your Essence and Vitality

My approach is holistic and through the body. My psychotherapeutic expertise is layered with invaluable tools including EMDR and NARM®.

Supporting you to move beyond old wounds and claim your connection with yourself, your essence and your potential.

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Bringing You
back into Feeling

Trauma can disconnect us from our bodies, leaving us feeling lost. Our journey together begins by guiding you back into your body.

Helping you to feel your energy, connect with your emotions, your vibration and flow.

Supporting you in re-discovering your natural intuitive guiding system.

As you delve deeper into this process, you’ll find stronger connections with others, nature, and the web of life, creating a sense of belonging and safety.

Re-discovering who you are now.

The Journey

Mapping the right path for you

Think of dandelions – those unassuming little flowers that seem like weeds. But let’s shift our perspective and see them as symbols of growth, resilience, and connection. Now, picture a pink dandelion. It’s unique, just like you.

Much like that pink dandelion, you stand out from the crowd, with your own stories, experiences, and feelings. The pink dandelion represents your journey toward self-discovery. As you progress, you’ll uncover your strengths, passions, and your authentic self, much like the vibrant pink petals of that dandelion.

Meet and Greet call

Free 15 mins
  • Meet Jennifer 1:1
  • Discover the Dandelion Method
  • Clear doubts about therapy
  • Decide if it's right for you

Discovery Session

180 120 mins
  • Meet Jennifer 1:1
  • Discover the Dandelion Method
  • Learn tools for your everyday
  • Receive your Well-Being Map
discovery session

Re-imagining your healing path together

The purpose of this session is to give you greater insight into your own process and give you some simple tools to take away and use every day.

You will receive a manageable Well-Being map of the next natural steps for you.

I am intuitive and share what may be somewhat hidden from you and can help change your perspective, empower you and give you hope.

I will explain how my multiple-disciplinary approach works and which of these tools would be most suitable for you.

This session is a stand alone independent session.

It is a prerequisite for all of my clients. However, there is no expectation for you to continue working with me immediately after our session. You may choose to take the information and insights to work with another therapist or work with me in the future.

Together, we unpack where you are right now in your healing journey.  We review and reflect on what has happened and co-create a vision for how you wish to transform and feel in your life.

This session will help you see who you are now and who you are becoming beyond old stories and wounds.

the first step

Discovery Session

  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Are you tired of repeating the same patterns over and over?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your life and from those around you?
  • Are you feeling too much or too little?
  • Are you tired of talk therapy and wondering why it doesn’t help with trauma?
  • Would you like to understand new neuroscience-backed methods for trauma healing?
  • Are you curious to learn more?

The right approach for you

meet and greet call

You can be your own guiding star with Dandelion Hearts help!

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