Where to Read About NARM® Therapy

Having delved into “NARM®: Healing Developmental Trauma” by Laurence Heller and Helen LaPierre, I can’t help but advocate for this transformative approach.  As a therapist, my goal is to offer my clients a unique and profoundly healing experience and NARM is the path I wholeheartedly endorse. 

What sets NARM® apart is it’s unwavering commitment to understanding and healing the roots of developmental trauma.  Unlike traditional therapy models, that often focus on symptom management, NARM helps you unearth hidden layers of your past and empowers you to create lasting change.

When you choose NARM® with me, you’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, instead of pathologizing your own struggles.  If you are curious to find out more, consider booking a meet and greet session  with me.

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