About Me

I’m Jennifer living in my home turf of Co. Kerry.  After 20 years of working further afield; I was ready to return, full circle.

I originally studied Business and German, which led to corporate jobs in Germany, the UK, Dublin, and Cork. However, as the years passed, I realised that the joy was slowly fading from my work. The dissatisfaction and frustration were taking a toll.

My natural curiosity always gravitated toward understanding human behaviour, my work included research, and this led me to follow the threads of my own dissatisfaction and look deeper. My burnout and discomfort in an environment that didn’t suit me motivated me to seek therapy.

Over the following years, my healing and self-interest grew, and I retrained as a psychotherapist. I recognised it nourished my spirit and gave me the agency to change my work life and support others to transform their lives.

My re-orientation

The choice to change careers eventually became inevitable as I delved deeper and completed my psychotherapy degree, master’s degree, and accreditation. Over time, I also studied multiple other modalities, including EMDR and NARM®.

I am motivated by my insatiable desire to help people find the root cause of distress and replace it with hope and potential. I use a collaborative, empowering process with clients to resolve, transform, and heal old stories and trauma.

Turning towards flourishing and thriving and not just soothing the pain.

The turning point...

I realised I needed to work in a more personal and heart-centred way. Like the dandelion’s capacity to survive in harsh landscapes, I navigated the competitive corporate environment, where I had felt squashed and exhausted.

Psychotherapy was the beginning of new seeds taking root in fertile ground. I was finally listening more deeply to my body, learning to trust myself and my intuition. It was not accidental that I had chosen to study psychotherapy.

Welcoming in nourishment, healing and rooting differently in the world.

Dandelion is nature’s candle.

I support and light the way for my clients, it would be a privilege to guide you out of the quagmire and help you to thrive.

Change is opportunity

Change happens, our job is to allow it to happen. I work with clients to map out and rebuild their lives fuelling their curiosity and creating the space to explore and re-imagine possibilities.

My work is a two way channel, it energises me to work in this way, back to living and working in an aligned way. My life is slower than previously, I am connected with my community. I feel connected with my sense of place and belonging in my work and my life.

My sense of presence and what I bring informs the outcome – I create space and holistic approach to help my clients to regulate and recover. Meeting you where you are right now and supporting you to change the direction of your life and heal. 

The pivotal points of my own transition turned out to be the important signposts, in hindsight I see them more clearly. My role is to help you read the signposts, to follow and listen to the whispers of your soul.


My mission is to support you to heal past trauma and move through adversity. Transforming relational wounds to life giving opportunities. My approach is holistic and through the body, nurturing you to root in soil that is life affirming and harnessing your true potential.

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