Therapy with Jennifer

New Seeds

Following on from our discovery session we may agree together that psychotherapy is our first step.

I will create a safe space where you can meet yourself again and connect to your body and your felt sense.

Alongside my psychotherapeutic expertise, I will, where appropriate, weave in EMDR and NARM® techniques.

Supporting you to move beyond old wounds and claim your connection with yourself, your essence and your potential.

'Every new crossroads means we enter into a new cycle of change'

Caroline Myss

Unlocking your aliveness and helping you thrive

Developing your ability to connect with your feelings and replenish your life’s energy.

Empowering you and helping you discover blocks holding you back.

During your therapeutic process, you will experience internal changes in your thought pattern; and by committing to your own self development, you will outgrow unhelpful beliefs and self criticism.

This will allow space for new life affirming beliefs, growing your ability to feel comfortable in your own body and feel more embodied.

Our work is includes your whole body, mind and soul.

Supporting you to reconnect and nurture your soul and rebuilding your trust in yourself.

Developing and strengthening your motivation to tap into your true potential.

Therapy with Jennifer

My psychotherapeutic approach is integrative. I create a safe space to support you in unfurling.

Encouraging you to slow down, connect to your feelings and be guided by the wisdom of your body through uncertainty.

My work is person-centred and informed by my psychotherapy background and draws on multiple modalities, which include attachment theory, psychodynamic and humanistic.

I offer 60-minute therapy sessions to provide you with a comfortable and effective amount of time to explore and discuss your thoughts and feelings during our sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Discovery session is a very valuable starting point for many reasons. It provides you with an opportunity to safely explore your emotional landscape and gain clarity and insights into your personal growth.

From what I learn about you in this session, I will create a personalised well-being road map and some relevant practical tools to support you with your next natural steps.
It is a stand-alone session with no obligation for future commitments to work with me, however if you choose to continue, we will already have begun our journey together and will have mapped out the best way forward.

Individual needs vary considerably, it depends on so many factors e.g. levels of previous therapy work, resources, levels of trauma etc. We always start with a discovery session to unpack your history and map out together a well being plan for you. Some clients may only need a couple of sessions to transform the effects of shock or single-event trauma; others need more time to work through more complex layers.
Generally speaking, the higher the frequency, the more potent the work. Sessions are done in blocks of 3, each block can be spaced out, which can be beneficial to help you manage your time commitments and costs. The advantage of our discovery session is that it gives you a personal well being map that can be organised to work with your circumstances and at a pace suitable to you.

Since the first Covid-19 lockdown, I’ve transitioned successfully from in-person therapy to online sessions and I haven’t looked back. Sometimes clients wonder if some of the personal connection and my ability to pick up body language and other queues are diminished, in my experience it is the opposite, we are looking right at each other in close proximity with zero distractions, when I am working with clients I can pick up energetic and other queues with great ease. I have learnt that for me, virtual offers benefits which can outweigh in person sessions.

Practical benefits include:

  1. Clients are more relaxed: No time spent rushing to your appointment and squeezing it in between other commitments.
  2. Comfortable Environment: Clients feel safer working on trauma from the comfort of their own homes.
  3. Ease: Online sessions can result in greater progress with ease.
  4. Post Session: Clients do not need to navigate traffic or engage with the external world too quickly and this allows time to begin the digestion and reflection process (which continues during the following days/ weeks).
  5. Accessibility: With the exception of the US and Canada (for insurance reasons only), regardless of your location we can work together.
  6. Time Management: Clients find it easier to balance work and family commitments with their own self care and self development.
  7. Therapist Capacity: working online suits me for all of the above reasons also and this increases my capacity to show up fully for my clients and enjoy my work more.

When working with clients, I always start with a Discovery Session. This is a stand alone session, that gives you clarity on where you are right now on your therapeutic journey and a well being map of how you can move forward. Clients learn a lot about themselves in this session and it designed to be insightful and resourcing for you. The cost of a discovery session is €180. Moving on from the discovery session, the most suitable options for you would be laid out in your well being, plan including costs.

All of my prices are clearly shown on my website.

If you need to cancel or reschedule our appointment, please notify me 48 hours before the start of your scheduled appointment by email or text. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice or no-shows will result in the full fee needing to be paid before a future session is booked. This allows me to run a sustainable practice and allow other clients to use the available time slot.
the first step

Discovery Session

Developing your ability to connect with your feelings and replenish your life’s energy.

Empowering you and helping you discover blocks that are holding you back.

During therapy, you will experience changes in your thought patterns, and by committing to self-development, you will outgrow unhelpful beliefs and self-criticism.

Our work together will increase your self-awareness, and you will enter a new cycle of positive change.

I will help you unpack what is no longer serving you, including life scripts. This process will change the energy and dynamics you have with yourself and those around you.

Change is constant and conscious change takes stamina, attention and commitment.

I will be accompanying you on your journey and giving you tools and practises to support you in strengthening and flourishing.

I support you in softening rigid beliefs and becoming more agile and open to possibilities.

Positive change takes work and is also very liberating.

discovery session

Re-imagining your healing path together

The purpose of this session is to give you greater insight into your own process and give you some simple tools to take away to use in your every day.

You will receive a manageable Well-Being map of the next natural steps for you.

I am intuitive and share what may be somewhat hidden from you and can help change your perspective, empower you and give you hope.

I will explain how my multiple disciplinary approach works and which of these tools would be most suitable for you.

This session is a stand alone independent session.
It is a prerequisite for all of my clients, however there is not an expectation for you to continue work with me immediately after our session. You may choose to take the information and insights to work with another therapist or work with me in the future.

Together, we unpack where you are right now in your healing journey.  We review and reflect on what has happened and co-create a vision for how you wish to transform and feel in your life.

This session will help you see who you are now and who you are becoming beyond old stories and wounds.

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